The 6 Best Retreats in Glasgow

Retreat seems a new buzzword among people who strive for stability in their lives, and want to practice mindful living. Some people think a retreat is some kind of vacation, others believe that a retreat is like a sports camp where everyone lives a healthy and balanced life. When talking about retreats, you may have an association with Eat, Pray, Love movie, where the character of Julia Roberts travels to India and lives there in an ashram for a few months. But what if you can’t or just don’t want to travel that far to India? And where is the best place for a retreat in Scotland? Let’s find out more about it together. 

In this article, we are going to talk about retreats and in particular, retreats in Glasgow. We prepared a list of the best places in Glasgow that are worth your attention if you are planning a retreat soon. 


What is a retreat?

Whether relaxing with detox-based or regular yoga exercises, going on a retreat is about escaping from the routine of everyday life in a big crowded world and taking some time to concentrate on your inner self. Presenting the opportunity to meditate and learn healthy and mindful lifestyle practices, retreats are often made around the topic of health and fitness. However, it is much different from just making exercises and eating nutritious food for a couple of weeks. Retreats are about connecting with yourself, getting to know yourself, and resting from everyday stress (from our point of view, retreats are a must-have for young moms). All people who take part in a retreat are guided by different wellness experts, they strive to heal the inner part of your soul and body that needs healing most. Healing can be different and can involve spa therapies, massages, long walks in nature, fitness sessions, meditations, or wellness breaks. 

Retreats have become popular among solo travelers. However, group retreats have become a fresh tendency. They have a special program full of group activities, workshops, and classes, where you can get to know like-minded people.



What do people usually do during a retreat?

This depends on a particular retreat you are going to take part in. As a rule, retreats are far from the cities and closer to nature. People travel to the mountains or to the seaside to become more relaxed and focused on their inner peace. Picturesque nature helps heal the souls and connect with your feelings and emotions. It is even better when these are special places, for example, geyser parks, lakes, or mineral water sources.  

Activities usually include sports; you don’t even imagine what 7 days of yoga can do with your body. There can also be different workshops, massages, meditations, and lots of communication with like-minded people. And the main aspect is that you are with wellness professionals who can help you with any problem, be it a physical one or just stress.


6 best resorts in Glasgow

We have made a list of the best retreats in Glasgow where you can have some rest. Our list is made based on the offerings of the resorts and the reviews of previous visitors.


  • Dollarbeg Castle is a luxury castle that was turned into a luxury 3-bedroom apartment with your own cinema and panoramic terrace on the tower. It has a fully equipped modern kitchen and bedrooms for up to 6 guests. There are golf fields nearby, as doing sports will be great entertainment.


  • The Wee Retreat center is a center for meditating and well-being in Glasgow. There you can find and attend mindfulness meditation courses, and join the group retreats and events to improve your personal awareness and find inner peace with yourself. 


  • Kadampa meditation center. This center was founded to offer people meditation classes, courses, and special well-being events. Here people can learn how to practice Buddha’s teachings. This is a charity center fun by volunteers and its students.


  • Revival retreat. If you are looking for relaxation and a spa, this is an excellent place to get it. This is a beauty salon in Glasgow. This salon offers a vast range of premium-quality beauty treatments.


  • Cam Cooney meditation. This is a place to learn Vedic meditation via online and in-person classes. 


  • Glasgow mindfulness center. At this center, you can attend an 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course.

How to book accommodation for a retreat easily?

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