Essential Tips for the First Time Glamper

As well as lodges with hot tubs, we often recommend glamping places with hot tubs as a really good alternative (or an as-well-as, you can’t have too many trips away lined up!).

We have tried out lots of fab glamping sites, and like the quirkier the better!  Treehouses with rope swings and slides, hobbit houses and geodomes – we have tried them all!

Unique Hideaways have a great selection of glamping places with hot tubs.  Check out the ‘Lazy Bear Hideaway’ set in secluded woodland beside a lake, or ‘Posy’, a shepherd’s hut with an outdoor bath.  I like ‘The Bird Box’ for more of a cabin with hot tub vibe – it’s a rustic cabin in the North of Cornwall.

Anyway, I have some great tips for you if you are a first time glamper!


Don’t forget a torch and fairy lights

A torch is particularly important if your glamping site is off grid.  Depending on your accommodation, you may well have your own flushing loo, but it maybe in a different block to your cabin, so a torch is a must.  I always take fairy lights too.  Lots of glamping places have fairy lights ready for you, but just in case take your own.  These are great for making the outside pretty while you barbecue as well as giving a bit of extra light.  I particularly recommend fairy lights if you have kids, to act as a nightlight in unfamiliar surroundings.  Just be sure to string them up away from their beds for safety.  Bring battery powered ones with spare batteries.  Solar fairy lights are also excellent these days too.



Bring a Phone Charging Block

I know, I know, many people choose an off grid glamping site to get away from technology for a while.  But, even if you are swearing off Facebook for the weekend, you will still be happier if your phone is charged for emergencies.  If you take a decent size charging block with you, you will be covered for all eventualities.


Warm Bedding

Check out the terms and conditions of your glamping site before you travel.  With some, all your bedding is included, while others need you to bring your own.  Consider sleeping bags rather than duvets, purely for the amount of space they will take up in your car.  Perhaps invest in those oversize blanket jumpers for sitting out at night in (we all have these and they are fabulous!).




Invest in a coolbox for all your refrigerated goodies.  Glamping is no good without a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea in the morning!  A coolbox is a great thing to have anyway and is perfect for picnics and trips to the beach, even when you are not glamping!



These are a few of our essentials.  They may not be your essentials, but they are definitely worth considering ahead of your trip.  Also consider a basic first aid kit, ball games, oh, and an emergency bottle of wine (especially if you are taking the kids!).




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