Bridgerton TV Sights and Music Tour in the beautiful City of Bath

Local tour company Bath Adventures has launched an exciting Bridgerton ‘Sights and Music’ Tour which invites visitors to imagine stepping into the world of Bridgerton, exploring many of the filming locations used within the city and promising behind-the-scenes gossip, all while being accompanied by music used in the show.

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Equipped with over-ear headphones, a local guide and Bridgerton fan, will share some of their favourite secrets about the show. Visitors will be able to promenade through the idyllic streets of Bath and see for themselves the places where all their favourite scandals unfolded; including the locations used for the Featherington family house, the Modiste Dress Shop, and Lady Danbury’s mansion. All these scenes are filmed in some of Bath’s most picturesque crescents, theatres, and squares – one may even find themself spinning round the exquisite ballrooms of Bath’s Assembly Rooms.

“I became obsessed with Bridgerton – it provided the perfect escape and showed me the city of Bath in a whole new light,” says tour leader Nola. “I was lucky enough to see the film sets one summer while guiding tours through the city centre, and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“Our unique tours with headphones, allow us to talk, play music and be socially distanced” says Paul, the Director of Bath Adventures, “we think sharing some of the sights and sounds of Bridgerton, with a knowledgeable guide, is a great way to discover our beautiful city.”

Bath Adventures also offer a range of other walks, boat trips, and silent discos, including the Ghost Hunter’s Silent Disco, where you can follow in the footsteps of a mysterious ghost hunter who came to Bath in the 1980s, yet left no trace but a stack of unfinished research and a Walkman loaded with the perfect mixtape for dancing through the streets of Bath – possibly for your life!

But if you are looking for something more relaxing, you could take a boat trip along the River Avon to Pulteney Bridge. The boat, Lady Pamela, is a quaint river cruiser which offers a unique perspective of the city which can be enjoyed with a glass of Prosecco or choice of Gins.

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