4 amazing tree houses in the UK, one more surprising than another

Luxurious living among the leaves has never been so accessible, whereas it is at home where you can build your own log cabin, which you can buy here, and decide to put it in a tree, or when travelling finding atypical accommodation. In this article, you will discover these amazing treehouses from around the world. Rustic tree houses have always made great playrooms for kids, but adults can’t settle for the old reclaimed wooden platform. When it comes to adult getaways, you need luxury. Running water, fairytale views and architecture worthy of the Robinson family are practically indispensable.

Home garden for a multi-storey wooden hut – United Kingdom

This charming little treehouse, designed by Harrison Barnes Limited, has a lot to offer in its small space, including a rustic metal roof and a garden plot that adds a little appeal to the landscape. It also serves as a secret space where the owner can get away from it all.

The wooden hut built by a duchess – Alnwick, United Kingdom

Amazing Lodges with Hot Tubs are not the only amazing thing you can find in Alnwick for a vacation. You can also expect to sleep in a luxurious tree house !

An ordinary wooden hut is not enough when you have an English title. The Duchess of Northumberland commissioned this zany structure, which opened in 2004, as a place for all those children who “aren’t allowed to climb trees”.

One of the largest tree houses in the world, the elevated structure houses educational facilities, rope bridges, numerous walkways and even a restaurant, and is made from sustainable resources. The whimsical angles of the design and the patchwork of materials are reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe – fitting, given that the Duchess’s home, Alnwick Castle, was used as the filming location for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the first two films.

Subtly luxurious treehouse – North Devon, United Kingdom

Living rough in the woods has never been more romantic than in the Treetops log cabin, located in the grounds of the Fox & Hounds Country Hotel. The structure, built by Bower House Construction and clad in multi-material cladding and shingles, contains as much space as many detached houses, with a master bedroom, bathroom, guest bedroom, kitchen and living room.

In the bathroom, a copper bathtub is perfect for lazy soaks while gazing at the tops of the Douglas fir trees and the nearby lake. If solitude becomes a problem, the hotel bar and spa are just below the four-poster rooms.

Cabin inspired by Sleepy Hollow – Surrey, United Kingdom

This English Gothic dwelling is the wooden cabin incarnation of the classic American tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The house’s mixed-material cladding and surprising balancing act on posts and stumps create a quirky effect reminiscent of Tim Burton’s film adaptation. Three roof shapes, designed by Blue Forest, add fantasy to this haunting style.

The outdoor play area can keep children entertained while adults relax inside, where the playful aesthetic continues with elements such as the windows.

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